Igor Vitale International srl (Foggia, Italy)

Igor Vitale International srl is a company active in the training and consultancy sector for companies whose expertise of the basis is the psychology of work applied to the various specific sectors. The experts of Igor Vitale International srl range over the various fields of psychology, including tourism psychology, psychometrics, social and communication psychology. Igor Vitale International produces training courses, major online and offline events and produces digital video courses. The experts of Igor Vitale International srl have produced over 28 digital video courses downloaded by over 150,000 people, owns an educational video YouTube channel with over 2.7 million views and a psychology website with over 3000 articles and a history of 10 million views which guarantees the dissemination of the project results in a broad way nationwide.

Travel Hospitality Events Management srl (Bucharest, Romania)

Present on the market for over 30 years, THEM is a consultancy company in restaurant services, in the field of management of accommodation and hospitality facilities. THEM brings together an interdisciplinary and international team that includes hotel, restaurant, bar and service managers catering. Based in Bucharest (Romania), THEM has a large network of collaborators in various locations around the world, the company conducts global business efficiently without disruption, using developed relationships and partnerships with stakeholders Worldwide. Since 2016, THEM has been carrying out the "business concierge" project, a service designed to assist any company HoReCa with consultancy and tailor-made solutions. THEM includes experts in the quality assessment of accommodation facilities and promotion and marketing experts.

Poderio Training & Research (Cordoba, Spain)

Poderío is the original Spanish word meaning “empowerment” and that is exactly the spirit of ours organization. Poderío is a multidisciplinary training company, with a staff composed of experts in techniques motivational, coaching, emotional intelligence, pedagogy and international relations. Although our organization is new, it benefits from the experience of a team with extensive experience in the formal and non-formal training with different target groups. From school education to adult education, from in-company training to training with disadvantaged groups, Poderìo staff apply their knowledge ed experience to tailor their training to the needs of their clients. This multidisciplinary profile, in addition to the ability to adapt its work areas to different fields, allows Poderío to work in fields as diverse as entrepreneurship, leadership, employability, school education and personal development